This is our downloads page. From here you can go to pages of images sized to be used as wallpaper or desktop images for your PC or Mac. You can download these free images and install them on your computer. Each image is available in two sizes, 800x600 pixels, and 1024x768 pixels, so you can select the one appropriate for the size of your monitor.

NOTE: These are older images and are formatted for screen resolutions which have become uncommon in modern LCD monitors. You are welcome to download and try these pictures on your monitor, and they should look fine if you center them. If you stretch or tile them to fill a wide-screen (HD) monitor, you may not be happy with the appearance. We have no plans to revise these files. The monitor landscape has become complex, with many size and resolution options available. It would be a challenge to accommodate more than a couple of these, so it's unlikely we'll be adding images to our wallpaper collection.

There are several categories of images. Click an image below to go to a page of images from that category.

Desktop images of earth and stone


Desktop images of plants and trees


Desktop images of liquid and frozen water


Desktop images of sunrise/set and sky