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In this space you will find links to our articles about photography, places to photograph and travel, photo-related Web sites (including this one), computers and software, and links. I'll also have the occasional article about environmental issues, but I find such writing has become a frustrating and often depressing endeavor.

New articles will appear monthly, more-or-less. The information presented here is based on my own experiences and/or research in the areas listed above. When I find an interesting place to photograph, had a fun or unusual experience making pictures somewhere, or simply have a good story to tell related to making, preparing, or displaying photographs, you'll find it here, along with the occasional “off topic” rant.

The Articles are listed below by date, with a synopsis; newest work is at the top. The list has become quite long, but we've not yet discovered a better way to organize the articles. Comments are welcome.

I hope you enjoy the articles. Use the contact link at left if you'd like to comment on anything you read here.

Jay Cross

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