Help With Navigating Our Site, Browser Issues, and More

Web sites generally don't need to provide instructions to visitors explaining how things work. We hope this site's design provides controls whose functions are obvious. If you need help, however, you've come to the right page. Here we explain how to navigate your way through the lumen-perfectus.com pages. We also provide more detail to our comments on the Viewing This Site page regarding browser and mobile device issues.

Table of Contents

A TOC is provided on each of our main pages to aid in navigation. If you hover your mouse pointer over a TOC entry for a couple of seconds a "tool tip" will appear with a brief description of what you'll find on the page when you click or tap the entry. Most touch screens have no means of “hovering” a pointer so this isn't relevant to those devices.

All modern Web browsers support Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), used to set the page layouts on lumen-perfectus.com. However, if the TOC is a scrambled mess or appears at the bottom of the page, it means your browser does not fully support CSS as used in the construction of the site. See the More About Web Browsers topic below for details. Though it may look bad, this will not effect the function of the TOC.

Gallery Index (Thumbnail) Pages

The links on the Galleries Page will take you to pages of thumbnail images. For quickest loading, these pages contain no more that six small images. Some (most) galleries have more than six photographs; on those thumbnail pages you'll find links to additional pages of thumbnails. The current page is shown in red. Click or tap any other number to go directly to that page. Here's an example:

Screen shot of "additional pages" controls

On any gallery index page, click or tap a thumbnail to display a larger version of the photograph. NOTE: JavaScript must be enabled in your Web browser. Typically it is by default. If you've disabled JavaScript or use a browser add-on which disables JavaScript in your browser, you won't see the large photo as we've intended it to be displayed.

Moving Through the Large Images

When you click or tap a thumbnail a larger version of the photograph is displayed. A count is shown below the picture if there's more than one, so you can see where you are in the sequence. With a large image displayed you can move to the next or previous picture in several ways:

Site Map

The Site Map page provides standard links that will take you to anything on the Lumen Perfectus site. If you have trouble with any of the controls or navigation in general, try the Site Map page's links. This is also a good place to see how our site is organized.

The site map groups its links into categories. When you hover the mouse pointer over a link a “tool tip” will appear explaining what you'll find on the page when you click that or tap link. Most touch devices have no means of “hovering” a pointer so this isn't relevant.

More About Web Browsers

In the old days we periodically tested our site with various Web browsers. Each seemed to interpret the coding of content, and the CSS, in its own way; lumen-perfectus.com looked a little, or a lot different than we intended, depending on the browser used. This is rarely a problem with modern desktop and laptop computer browsers now. The mainstream browsers render content and styles reasonably well. One or two are even color-managed and respect the profiles embedded in our photo jpegs. We no longer test the site with a variety of browser apps. If you're using a ten-year-old browser, perhaps on an equally old operating system, you're asking for trouble; how this site looks is the least of your problems.

Our best advice is to use the latest version of your favorite browser. We recommend avoiding the beta versions of browsers, at least as your "default" browser. Let someone else be their unpaid QA department, while you use the typically more stable current release.

Mobile device browsers are a different animal. Some offer a “desktop mode” in which they try to emulate the way a browser on a desktop or laptop computer renders sites. If you're having trouble viewing lumen-perfectus.com on your phone or tablet, you can try switching to desktop mode if your browser app supports that. However, this site was not designed for touch screens, large or small, and likely never will be. It looks and functions fairly well on iPads of various sizes, and it's tolerably viewable on the smartphone screens we've tried. That's as good as it's going to get.


JavaScript is needed to display a number of features on this site. Most browsers offer built-in support for JavaScript, and it's usually enabled by default. In most browsers it is possible to disable JavaScript, and there are add-ons that will block the execution of scripts. We've seen this recommended as a security measure, and feel it's not a bad idea. But if JS is disabled in your browser's preference settings or via an add-on, you're missing a lot of the content available on the Web. We suggest finding the option to enable JS in your browser, and turning it on, or adding lumen-perfectus.com to the allowed or exception list.

Thanks very much for visiting.

  Jay L. Cross
  Lumen Perfectus