Viewing This Site

Please note that the information on this page is aimed at those viewing lumen-perfectus.com on a desktop or laptop computer. Most of what's below isn't relevant to mobile touch-screen devices.

The Photos

Most computers and mobile devices have high-resolution displays, often in a wide format. Unlike in the “old days”, screen sizes for computers and many tablets are more than adequate for displaying the pages and photos on this site. Reasonably fast Internet connections are also common, making page-loading times inconsequential.

The "gallery" pages display a number of small thumbnail images. Each thumbnail is linked to a larger version of the image; click or tap the thumbnail to see the larger version. To help the gallery pages load quickly, the number of thumbnails has been limited to a maximum of six per page. If there are more thumbnails in the image category, the gallery page will display a set of numbered links you can click or tap to go to additional pages of thumbnails.

There is more about navigating lumen-perfectus.com on the Help page.

Monitor Calibration

For best results you should adjust your monitor's brightness and contrast so each step from white to black in the 10 step wedge below is distinguishable from its neighbors.

You should be able to see all 10 steps, from white to black, in this bar.

If you'd like to dig a little deeper and do a better job, follow the instructions here.

This site is graphic intensive; it's a photography site, above all! If your browser's Show pictures or equivalent setting is unchecked, or if your browser is for some reason unable to display images, this site will have little meaning for you. The photographic images and some of the site's controls will be displayed as placeholders. We have not included alternate representations of any of the images.

Browser Issues

The pages of this site are hand-coded using simple text editor program. These pages are "XHTML strict" compliant. All modern browsers can display the pages more-or-less as we intended when we designed them. Many older (ancient!) browsers don't, and with those our pages may not be displayed correctly. We no longer test our site with a range of browsers, as once was necessary.

Mobile device browsers are a different animal. Some offer a “desktop mode” in which they try to emulate the way a browser on a desktop or laptop computer renders sites. If you're having trouble viewing lumen-perfectus.com on your phone or tablet, you can try switching to desktop mode if your browser app supports that. However, this site was not designed for touch screens, large or small, and likely never will be. It looks and functions fairly well on iPads of various sizes, and it's tolerably viewable on the smartphone screens we've tried. That's as good as it's going to get.

Whatever device or computer you use, we recommend using the latest version of your favorite browser, which you can download from the makers' Web sites (and in most cases is automatically kept current for you).