"Other" Scenics

These are are photos of places which don't fit into our galleries' geographic locations. Currently these are all from Montana, but may eventually include pictures from other areas. These include photos from the Mission and Flathead Valleys, Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge, Flathead lake, and other areas across Montana.

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Frosted trees along Flathead Lake, MT, U.S.

December inversional fog freezes on trees overlooking Flathead Lake in northwest Montana.

Approaching storm, Creston, MT, U.S.

A few trees were left when this farmland in Creston, Montana, was cleared. Why were these seven spared?

Snowy hills after sunset, northwest Montana, U.S.

Sunset sky backlights Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir after a day of snow in northwest Montana, U.S.

Hoar frost on Ponderosa pine

Hoar frost on the needles and cone of a large Ponderosa pine near our home.

Sunrise at the Rocky Mountain Front

Sunrise colors the sky east of the Rocky Mountain Front, near Choteau, MT. U.S.

Sunrise on Ear Mountain on the Rocky Mountain Front

Sunrise lights Ear Mountain and local boulders along the Rocky Mountain Front.

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